Fort Independence Boston, Ma

History of Fort Independence


Castle Island State Park

Overview of Castle Island, Pleasure Bay, M Street Beach, and Carson Beach

A visit to Castle Island State Park will give you a peek into history and recreation. Tour Fort Independence or take a walk around it. You can take a longer walk by walking the walkway around Pleasure Bay. Sit on a park bench overlooking the harbor and watch the planes and ships passing by. Go to famous Sully’s and sit on the lawn, enjoy your hotdog, bring a cooler full of food, and sit at a shady picnic table with your family and friends. The island has a big playground for kids to enjoy. Continue the day sunbathing or swimming in one of the nearby beaches. The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) maintains these facilities by keeping them clean, safe for everyone, and in excellent condition.

On weekdays, there is plenty of ample free parking, but on a beautiful sunny weekend, you might have to hunt for a parking spot. Bike Racks are also available on-site.

A view from Park to Logan Airport
A view from the Park to Logan Airport with a little fog.

The monument pictured above is for Donald McCay, a master shipbuilder who constructed a shipyard in East Boston on Border Street. He was a master of high-speed clipper ships, large three or four masted boats in the mid 1800s. His most famous ship was the Flying Clipper; here you see a model of it from MFA in Boston.

Check out my post on the USS Constitution Turnaround. A great place to  visit in Boston is the USS Constitution Museum